Best Products
The possibilities
are endless
Best Products
The possibilities
are endless

Life is short, make every outfit count

minimize your documents

It is supposed to improve the performance of your computer, perform regular maintenance, reduce randomization, and save files better to avoid losing files and make a backup copy first.

client payments

Always confirm and in order for us to be reliable, you can pay through a bank transfer ٬ Our bank accounts or pay in advance to the specialist technician who visited to you

automate tasks

The customer must know what is going on and explain to him that the plan that was audited is his choice and that any additions will be taken into consideration and must be paid


Before starting any procedure, we make sure to take a backup copy of customer files and save them, and then install the required systems and programs

Choose the perfect plan

You can choose one of the three packages so that we can serve you as quickly as possible.
You can also send an appointment to book the required maintenance
We do home maintenance and office maintenance as per the customer’s need

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150 SR


250 SR

One TICKET git One free

300 SR

One TICKET Maintenance

499 SR

ONE TICKET 3 Devices

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